Working with Matt

Working with Matthew


"Matt creates images that can stand toe-to-toe with some of the very best in the business, and he does it with a fraction of the resources.  His compositions are always dynamic and compelling, rooted in a sense of beautiful naturalism and a deep understanding of story and character.  He is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with."

- Matt McClelland
Director - The Broken Rose, TRIADS, The Operator 

“Matthew Lynn is a consummate professional who consistently elevates every project he works on. The one-two punch of his exceptional creative intuition, and his unparalleled commitment and drive have been instrumental not just to the projects being realized in a timely and effective fashion, but also to their fundamental artistic integrity.”

- Bishal Dutta
Director - Life in Color, Millennia Man

"As a young director working on a low budget film, I was blown away with what Matt was able to create given the resources that were available to him. He took every challenge in stride and was able to quickly adapt --- his ingenuity ended up saving the entire production lots of time and money.  Matt's energy is epic. He was a joy to work with throughout the planning and shooting of my film. His photography was in sympathy to the story and he is both visually innovative and respectful of traditions and has knowledge of references that are incredibly broad." 

- Jonah Moshammer
Director - Blue Noise

I'm sure it's weird to hear a film composer talk about a film's visuals, but I just can't say enough about Matt's work.  He makes my job fun and easy.  I often see directors look broken and defeated by the time they reach me in the post process.  Working with Matt, everyone always seems so excited at how production turned out.  Simply put, he works wonders.  

- Wes Hughes
  Award-winning Composer